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Matthew Buechner designs and makes hand blown glass at Thames Glass in Newport, RI, which he founded in 1981 with his wife Adrian.

Visit Thames Glass and watch Matthew Buechner and his team of skilled glassblowers shape molten glass into hand blown glass vases, ornaments, fish, fruits, vegetables, snowmen, paperweights, perfume bottles, bowls and other original designs by Matthew Buechner.

Experience glassblowing and make your own ornament, paperweight or vase (that is yours to keep!) with lots of help from an experienced glassblower.

Thames Glass is located at 688 Thames Street in Newport. We blow glass during the day on most weekdays (glassblowing times vary) and sometimes on the weekends.

We are a small studio and our glassblowing schedule is always subject to change. Feel free to call us at 401-846-0576 on the morning of your visit to find out if and when we will be blowing glass that day.

Visitors to our studio may watch the glassblowing through a window in our gallery that looks into the blowing room. If the weather is nice, you are welcome to stand outside the Dutch doors and watch the glassblowers from there. Approximately 3 - 5 people can comfortably look through the Viewing Area Window or the Dutch doors at a time, so if you have a larger group, people can take turns watching the glass being made and looking at the finished glass in the gallery. Visitors are invited into the actual blowing room only if they are taking a glassblowing lesson from us.

Although we do not have an official "tour" of the glassblowing studio, we will provide as much information as possible and will do our best to answer your questions. There is no charge for viewing.

Matthew and his team of highly skilled glassblowers make all of our glass completely by hand, here in our studio, using traditional hand tools and techniques. Matthew designs all of the glass, trains the glassblowers (all of whom have come to us without any experience), supervises the glassmaking, and designs and makes most of the equipment. Matthew's glass is sold here at Thames Glass and in galleries, catalogs, and stores throughout the US. His glass is in the permanent collections of the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, New York and in the Frauenau Museum of Glass in Frauenau, Germany.

It has been featured in numerous magazines, books, catalogs, newspapers, and television shows including The Today Show.

For more information about glassblowing in general, go to, which is the web site for the Corning Museum of Glass in Corning, NY.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

Glassblowing Studio & Gallery • 688 Thames Street • Newport, RI 023840 • Phone: 401.846.0576 • Fax: 401.846.0579 •